Review requests can be sent by email to
I accept paperbacks/hardbacks and electronic files that are compatible with my Kindle (e.g. mobi, PDF…), although I would kindly ask that  if you are making a direct request for a review rather than through a publisher you do not send anything until I have agreed to the review. Please bear in mind that I am based in the UK.
I have quite varied tastes and am happy to read most genres (albeit usually not young adult, fantasy or sci-fi), however my preferred genres are:
  • crime & mystery
  • psychological thrillers & suspense
  • women’s literature
  • romantic comedy
  • literary fiction
I will generally cross publish reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Links can be provided upon request.
Please let me know if you have specific deadlines or release dates for reviews and I will do my best to meet those deadlines. I aim to post reviews of any books within a few weeks of receiving them but this is subject to work and other commitments. 
I reserve the right not to publish a review if I have not enjoyed the book or have been unable to finish it. I appreciate that opinion is subjective and, as such, I will never be unnecessarily critical about a book or author.
* All book reviews on this blog are the property of Curious Ginger Cat, unless otherwise stated.
* The view and opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced by any outside parties.
* I received no payment or compensation in exchange for any of the reviews on this blog. 
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