Book Review: The Catch by T.M. Logan

The Catch TM Logan

Publisher: Zaffre Books
Publication Date: 30 April 2020


He says he’s perfect. I know he’s lying . . .
He caught me watching, and our eyes met. That was when it hit me.
There was something not quite right about my daughter’s new boyfriend . . .

The doting father

Ed finally meets his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. Smart, successful and handsome, Ryan appears to be a real catch. Then Abbie announces their plan to get married.

The perfect fiancé

There’s just one problem. Ed thinks Ryan is lying to them.

Who would you believe?


If you have read any of T.M. Logan’s previous novels, you can be safe in assuming that this current book will be another page-turner. It most certainly is!

Doting father, Ed Collier takes an instant dislike to his daughter’s new boyfriend, Ryan Wilson. His wife Claire and mother-in-law Joyce don’t agree. As a former Army officer, successful businessman, special constable and retirement home volunteer, they think Ryan is the perfect partner for their beloved Abbie. So why are Ed’s instincts giving him such a strong warning about Ryan? When Abbie and Ryan announce that they are engaged and due to marry in a mere six weeks’ time, Ed takes it upon himself to investigate his future son-in-law and uncover Ryan’s secrets, before it’s too late . . .

As Ed becomes increasingly obsessed with Ryan, he puts his family, friendships and his career on the line. His life begins to spin out of control and combined with Ed’s guilt over a past event, I must admit that there were times when I doubted Ed’s credibility as a narrator. I  began to suspect that maybe the story was less about Ryan’s suitability and more about Ed approaching a midlife crisis! 

Logan really is a master of suspense. The book begins with a tantalising opening scene before plunging head first into a tense and compelling page-turner. It’s fast, it’s twisty, it’s intense and it’s clever. The book explores the darker side of family relationships – love, loyalty, guilt and loss. Logan has a knack of being able to turn something completely normal into something terrible sinister and very unsettling.

The Catch, is a truly gripping domestic thriller that I would happily recommend to fans of psychological thrillers and domestic noir.

About the Author

T.M. LoganAuthor T. M. Logan was a national newspaper journalist before turning to novel-writing full time. His debut thriller LIES was one of Amazon UK’s biggest ebooks of 2017.

Together with his second standalone thriller, 29 Seconds (2018), his books are now published in a dozen countries around the world including the USA, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and the Netherlands.

Tim lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children, and writes in a cabin at the bottom of his garden.


Find him at:
Website –
Twitter – @TMLoganAuthor
Instagram – @tmloganauthor
Facebook – @TMLoganAuthor


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