Book Review: I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney [Audiobook]

I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

Title: I Know Who You Are
Author: Alice Feeney
Publisher: HQ (HarperCollins)
Publication Date: 16 May 2019
Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Thriller

Twitter: @alicewriterland
Instagram: @alicewriterland
Facebook: @AliceFeeneyAuthor


The highly anticipated new novel from the international bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie, Alice Feeney’s new novel is her most twisted and nerve-wracking thriller yet.

Aimee Sinclair: the actress everyone thinks they know but can’t remember where from. But I know exactly who you are. I know what you’ve done. And I am watching you.

When Aimee comes home and discovers her husband is missing, she doesn’t seem to know what to do or how to act. The police think she’s hiding something and they’re right, she is – but perhaps not what they thought. Aimee has a secret she’s never shared, and yet, she suspects that someone knows. As she struggles to keep her career and sanity intact, her past comes back to haunt her in ways more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

I Know Who You Are will leave your heart pounding and your pulse racing.this is the most twisted thriller you’ll read all year.


I Know Who You Are is the story of Aimee Sinclair. She is that actress that you recognise, but cannot quite remember where from. On the verge of fame, things seem to be going pretty well for her until she arrives home one day to find her husband, Ben Bailey, gone and her bank account emptied. The police suspect Aimee of some nefarious deed, yet whilst it is true that Aimee is hiding something, it is so much more than the police (or the reader) could have anticipated!
The book then takes us to 1987 Ireland to meet six year old Ciara, a motherless child being raised by an unloving and abusive father. Ciara’s desperate wish for a pair of red shoes brings her into contact with Maggie, a meeting that will turn her life upside down.
The story continues via a mix of present day account and flashbacks, as the two narrative threads gradually intertwine.  The author cleverly and deftly weaves a twisty, complex yet plausible plot which is utterly gripping and ultimately jaw-dropping. There are so many twists and turns that you will not want to put this book down!
It is the characters that truly make this story. They are all unreliable, unpredictable and utterly fascinating. Aimee comes across as quiet, sweet and reserved; crippled with shyness and self-doubt despite choosing a career in the spotlight. Whilst it would be difficult not to sympathise with someone who has been through so much, is so alone and who has had to struggle so hard, it is oddly difficult to warm to Aimee as a character. This may be because she holds back so much from the reader. This made me feel as though I didn’t really know Aimee or understand her motivations. She is used to playing a part for her job, and yet it feels as though she continues to play a part in everyday life too. Just who is the real Aimee?  Despite Aimee being the main protagonist, I found myself drawn to Maggie. Menacing and unbalanced, her character delves into a particular level of darkness that left me intrigued as to what (if indeed there were any precipitating factors) caused her to be like she is.
If you want to escape into a twisty thriller, then I Know Who You Are is the perfect book for you. It is dark, disturbing and hugely addictive. This is a story that will make your blood run cold and make you question how well you really know your nearest and dearest. With some very clever plotting, I was a good way through the book before I thought I had guessed the ending and even then I wasn’t quite there – I do love a book that can take me by surprise!
I listened to the audio version of the book, read by Stephanie Racine, and I absolutely loved that version – great choice of narrator! The seamless switch between accents really helped me to be absorbed into the story and particularly helped bring the character of Maggie to life.
Thanks to HQ and Joe Thomas for providing an advanced copy of the audio book for review.
About the Author

Alice Feeney
Alice Feeney’s is a writer and journalist. She spent 15 years at the BBC where she worked as a Reporter, News Editor, Arts and Entertainment Poducer and One O’clock News Producer.
Alice has lived in London and Sydney and has now settled in the Surrey countryside, where she lives with her husband and dog.
Her debut, Sometimes I Lie, was a New York Times and international bestseller. It has been translated into over twenty languages, and is being made into a TV series by Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros. starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. 
Her second novel, I Know Who You Are, will be published in Spring 2019.

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