Book Review: LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD by Michele Gorman

Title: Love is a Four-Legged Word
Author: Michele Gorman
Publisher: Notting Hill Press
Publication Date:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Best friends Scarlett and Shannon spend their days tripping over dog leads and covered in fur, running their dog business together. Scarlett’s intensive training course, Ruff Love, fixes owners as much as their pets, while Shannon spends her days walking spoiled pooches and working up the guts to talk to her hopeless crush.

The women share more than their business though: they also share Scarlett’s husband, Rufus. He’s been Shannon’s best friend since childhood and it’s a cosy setup – until Scarlett and Rufus’s marriage hits the rocks with Shannon stuck in the middle. All three relationships are tested but when loyalties become divided, how do you decide who’s most important?

Thank you to Notting Hill Press for providing me with a ARC of Love is a Four-Legged Word. I have read a few of Michele Gorman’s previous novels and have always found them to be good fun. As such, I was happy to be offered a copy of Love is a Four-Legged Word for review.
The story revolves around an animal behaviourist, Scarlett, her husband Rufus, their mutual best friend Shannon and all of their canine customers.
The story commences on a light-hearted note, setting the scene and then quickly progressing into the story with plenty of giggles and doggy delights! As the story progresses, some deeper issues come to the forefront and, as the reader, we watch as the characters’ attempt to resolve those issues.
The characters are very likeable. I especially found myself warming the level-headed but kooky Shannon and I enjoyed reading about Scarlett’s unconventional family. I will admit that I found myself becoming slightly frustrated at Rufus and Scarlett’s inability to effectively communicate with each other. However, anyone who is/has been married or in a long term relationship can understand that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, sometimes there are some darker moments that will test a relationship to its limits.
The plotline grabbed my attention from the offset. It deals with a variety of relatable issues including family relationships, friendship, infertility and romance. The story flows along at a steady pace and does not falter or loose momentum. Gorman has provided a well-balanced mix of drama and comedy that will keep the reader involved in the story until the last page.
Whilst the story does address some serious issues, there is a lot of light relief provided through canine antics and through Shannon’s pursuit of ‘Mr Darcy’, the focus of her unrequited crush! I particularly enjoyed reading about the dog training classes, with Margaret and Biscuit, Max and Murphy, Charlie and Barkley and Naomi and Hiccup. Their canine capers have certainly enforced my views that I would not have the patience to deal with a dog as a pet!
Love is a Four-Legged Word is ultimately a bitter-sweet tale of romance and friendship – an enjoyable and cute story with some laugh out loud moment.
About the Author
Michele writes books with heart and humour, full of best friends, girl power and, of course, love and romance. Call them beach books or summer reads, chick lit or romcom… readers and reviewers call them “feel good”, “relatable” and “thought-provoking”.
She is both a Sunday Times and a USA Today bestselling author, raised in the US and living in London. She is very fond of naps, ice cream and Richard Curtis films but objects to spiders and the word “portion”.
You can find out more about Michele by following her on twitter, Facebook and by reading her blog or website. Do chat with her online – she’s always looking for an excuse to procrastinate!

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