Book Review: Daydream Believer by Lizzie Fayke

Title: Daydream Believer
Author: Lizzie Fayke
Publication Date: 22 November 2015
Twitter: @LizzieFayke
Rating: 4 out of 5
Sarah Collin’s world is about to be changed forever by her imaginary boyfriend.

Her dream world collides with reality when she invents Steve, her rock musician lover, in the hope of adding some much needed glamour to her life, while gaining a little respect from her workmates.
As the lie spirals out of control, she finds herself on the Costa Blanca. Could her chaotic holiday actually make some of her daydreams come true?
I must first thank the author, Lizzie Fayke, for providing me with a copy of Daydream Believer in return for an honest review.
Daydream Believer is a self-published debut novel available in both eBook and paperback formats (links below).
The main protagonist is Sarah Collins, a daydreamer and a bit of a fantasist. Sarah suddenly finds her in the position of having to prove to some gossiping work colleagues that her rock musician boyfriend Steve really does exist. Not easy when he’s actually a figment of her imagination…! In an attempt to stop any rumours, Sarah arranges to join ‘Steve’ in the French Riviera for a brief holiday in between his touring schedule. The only challenge now is to create a holiday with ‘Steve’ worthy of Facebook and believable enough to placate her sceptical colleagues!
Sarah is a brilliant character: likeable and realistic. The supporting cast of characters are equally fantastic and help to set-the-stage for some of the brilliantly funny moments that Sarah finds herself embroiled in. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the antics contained in the story.
Lizzie Fayke has a great writing style which gave a wonderful flow to the story. The story has great pace to it and I found myself reading it in big chunks as I found that I could easily lose myself in the tale for an hour or so.
I am pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed Daydream Believer. It is a light-hearted and hugely enjoyable story, perfect for a holiday read. It is romantic, witty and (at times) laugh-out-loud funny. A tale of Sarah’s quest to find true love and the obstacles that she has to overcome along the way! Daydream Believer certainly left me with a smile on my face.


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