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I love reading tags, although I don’t tend to participate in many myself. However, I’ve recently seen a few fellow bloggers getting involved in the ’50 Random Facts About Me’ tag and thought I’d join in. So, let’s get on with it….
  1. My favourite cocktail is a cosmopolitan – I love the sourness of the lime – but it has to be made right, no pre-mixed rubbish and don’t forget the lit orange peel!
  2. I am soooo short sighted but I hate wearing glasses, so I always wear contact lenses.
  3. My middle name is ‘Lee’ – the same as my uncle’s middle name :\ I have never been given an explanation as to why. I don’t even know if I am named after him, although I suspect not.
  4. My favourite drink from Costa/Starbucks would either be a caramel cappucino or a caramel frappucino, depending on whether I want hot or cold.
  5. I am a twin and no, we’re not identical.
  6. I HATE prawns! I just deteste everything about them – taste, colour, fiddliness to peel… eurgh!
  7. I don’t often paint my nails but I almost always have my toenails painted.
  8. I love Mexican food, particularly chilli and fajitas, and Italian. In fact, I’ve been craving a lasagne for about 3 weeks now!
  9. I drink white wine in summer and red wine in winter.
  10. None of my friends or family know about this blog, I’m much too self-conscious to share it. My husband knows it exists, however I’ve never given him the URL or my twitter handle and he’d never mentioned having seen it.
  11. I have a super-duper stressful job and sometimes I think that I would love the opportunity to start a whole new career from scratch, however I’m too scared to and we rely on my salary too much to take a pay cut to an entry-level role. Plus, I do work with some fantastic people!
  12. I am awful at cleaning my car. My last car got washed maybe once a year. I’m determined to clean my new car much more frequently.
  13. I’ve been married for almost 2 years.
  14. I don’t like ‘normal’ black tea. I drink Twinings Green Tea with Cranberry instead.
  15. I love peanut butter on toast, but it has to be Tesco red-top crunchy peanut butter. Nothing else will do!
  16. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth in general, but I love biscuits.  
  17. My favourite ice cream is either mint chocolate chip or coffee.
  18. My favourite colour is dark purple.
  19. I have A LOT of freckles.
  20. I am on the cusp between virgo and libra. Whilst I don’t really believe in horroscopes, I display more virgo traits and my twin sister displays more libra qualities.
  21. One of my ‘oddities’ is that I won’t let anyone make me tea or coffee at work. I can’t stand the thought that they might use the same teaspoon in all the cups. I have my own spoon!
  22. As you may have guessed from #21, I am a total germaphobe. It someone at work or home is ill, I use dettol wipes to sanitise all the light switches and door handles (and usually everything else I can reach!)
  23. I get very frustrated with slow-walking people.
  24. I dislike car sharing, particularly in the mornings. I need that half hour to wake up. Plus, I like to talk to myself in the car and sometimes sing a little. No one needs to hear that!
  25. I rarely wear necklaces but I do like scarves.
  26. My favourite perfumes are usually by Escada.
  27. I love salad, particularly crunchy lettuce (weird, I know).
  28. I have virtually no ornaments in my house. I dislike clutter and it makes dusting/cleaning harder.
  29. I have one nephew who is turning 1 in October and I love him to pieces 🙂
  30. My parents have been happily married for 40 years. I base my own views on marriage around theirs. I’m a romantic at heart 🙂
  31. I don’t mind cleaning, but I really don’t like vacuuming #husbandsjob
  32. My first ever job was on the checkouts at Tesco when I had just turned 16. They interviewed me for the cafe and realised what I hopeless cook I was, so suggested I may prefer the checkouts. They never realised I deliberately bombed at the interview as I noted on my way into the store that the restaurant staff wore hairnets and I was scared that my school friends would make fun of me if I had to wear one!
  33. I only applied for the job at Tesco because my twin sister got herself a job and I couldn’t let her earn more money than me (yes, we’ve been known to be slightly competitive at times!) I was actually perfectly happy not working.
  34. I don’t like scary movies.
  35. I have travelled to approximately 30 countries and I will be visiting 2 more before the end of the year – The Netherlands and Dubai.
  36. I don’t like clothes shopping as I get frustrated when I can’t find anything.
  37. I have only ever had 2 pets – a hamster when I was 5 years old and a second hamster when I was about 10 years old.
  38. I am constantly buying little presents for my family when I see something they would like (mostly food items!). I love to treat them 🙂
  39. If I had a superpower, it would be the power to transport myself anywhere in the world in a blink of an eye (or a twitch of the nose like Samantha in Bewitched).
  40. I LOVE reading and I always have my nose in a book or Kindle, however I really don’t have a favourite author or book as there are simply too many to chose from. I will pretty much read any genre, although not so keen on fantasy, sci-fi or non-fiction.
  41. My husband is also my best friend. We just have so much fun together and he constantly makes me laugh, even if he does have a grumpy side at times!
  42. I’m a bit of a night owl. I quite often stay up to the early hours reading.
  43. My husband tells me off for being on my mobile phone too much. He thinks that I’m a Twitter addict. I haven’t dared to tell him that it’s because I’m really not too keen on a lot of the TV programmes we watch ‘together’. I did like them to begin with but my attention span for a series rarely lasts beyond the first season and virtually never lasts beyond a third season except for the odd exception.
  44. I have a weakness for cheesy murder mysteries and US cop dramas – Midsomer Murders, Death in Paradise, Castle, Rizzoli & Isles, Bones etc…
  45. I also love Game of Thrones – that’s one programme I actually love as much as my husband does!
  46. I usually overthink everything – I’m a proper worrywart (I never get to use that word, so I’m using it now!)
  47. I love eating cereal for dinner but rarely eat it for breakfast.
  48. I usually prefer city breaks to beach holidays as I love to explore new places and I’m not that keen on the beach (darn sand gets EVERYWHERE!), although I do like sunshine and a hotel with a swimming pool.
  49. I love watching films, although I thoroughly disliked Titanic and Twilight.
  50. If I won the lottery, I would love to leave my current job and start up a bookshop/cafe where I could potter around, talk to other book lovers and combine my love of caramel cappucinos and books.
  51. This post took me hours to do as I couldn’t think of enough facts about me!
So, there you have it, 50 random facts about me. That was fun to do, but harder than I anticipated! I hope I’ve not bored you too much and that you’ve learnt a little bit about me (i.e. the person behind Curious Ginger Cat blog).

I’m not tagging anyone in this, however I am hoping that some of my lovely readers may care to share some facts about themselves…? If so, link me in so that I can have a read 🙂

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