Book Review: The Morning After Memoirs by Kate Michaels

Title: The Morning After Memoirs

Author: Kate Michaels
Publication Date: 13 July 2015
Publisher: Ago Publishing

Blog/Website: n/a

Rating: 4 out of 5


Twenty-nine-year-old Jess wakes up on New Year’s Day a touch hungover and a whole lot confused. The man in bed next to her is not her boyfriend, Ben. In fact, she doesn’t even remember Not-Ben’s name. It won’t be the first time she finds herself in a questionable situation in a year that proves her new single-in-the-city lifestyle is far from the glamorous, Sex And The City world she’s been promised on TV. Between hacking through last year’s leg hair, accidentally snogging someone who may well be her cousin, getting hit over the head with a sex toy that isn’t even hers, and ending the night with a walk of shame into her parent’s garage, Jess’s single life is turning out more cockroaches than cocktails. The Morning After Memoirs is the story of one woman’s search for love, meaning, and a low-calorie alternative to wine. 

A delightfully fresh and funny take on single life in the city – best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand!’ Belinda Jones, bestselling author of The California Club ‘A funny and insightful read, which every single girl can relate to.’ Take A Break

Many thanks to Ago Publishing who provided me with a copy of The Morning After Memoirs in return for an honest review.

The Morning After Memoirs is the naughty, honest and laugh-out-loud funny debut from Kate Michael. It is not your usual fluffy chick-lit, but rather more a satire on the genre and I think the title is perfectly chosen for this particular story.

We meet Jess as she wakes up on New Year’s Day hung over and horrified to find herself in bed with someone who is not her fiancé Ben. We then follow her through a year of her life, up until the following New Year’s Day, watching as she tries to rebuild her life after coming out of the long-term relationship, whilst simultaneously becoming homeless, having difficulties at work and quickly heading towards her 30’s. Life really couldn’t be worse for her! Jess is determined not to stay single for long and to get her life back on track and we, as the reader, get to experience her adventures around London.

For the most part, I found the story to be honest and realistic. We’ve all been on the dating scene and know what it’s like to accidentally get caught up in relationships that you don’t want to be in or to make fools out of ourselves lusting after unobtainable men… I could certainly relate to the hurdles that Jess runs into in her search for a new man, particularly the drunken ramblings that make sense at the time but not so much so when you wake up the next morning! The book definitely has a British Sex-in-the-City/Bridget Jones-type feel to it, with a group of single girls running around and enjoying life whilst searching for that elusive next romance.

There were some excruciatingly cringe-worthy moments, however, that doesn’t seem to slow Jess down in her quest to enjoy life and find a new boyfriend. Whilst I found Jess fascinating on paper, I know that I simply couldn’t be friends with someone like her in real life. I would spend too much of my time wanting to give her a smack and tell her to grow up!!

There are also plenty of comedy moments involving snogging errors, hiding in wardrobes, police misunderstandings and being hit over the head with a sex toy! These moments help the story to keep its quick pace and its light-hearted atmosphere.

The main character, Jess, is quite simply a nightmare! She’s irresponsible, self-absorbed, annoying, embarrassing and unappreciative – all the traits which fortunately prove to be very funny in this case.

The supporting characters – Lisa, Leanne, Denise, Charlie, Matt etc.. – are all likeable and relatable. I could easily picture myself going on a night out with them (although I would probably be the one sneaking home for an early night!). I especially liked the little online-dating-style descriptions given by Jess for each person she meets, i.e. Stuart – 6’2″, blue eyes, brown hair, likes big dumb dogs, dislikes circusfolk. I also particularly liked reading about Jess’s slightly weird family. My own family can be pretty eccentric at times, so I could fully sympathise with Jess’ frustrations with them.

I liked Kate Michael’s writing style. The Morning After Memoirs is a humorous take on chick-lit/rom-coms and, as such, it does contain some of the usual rom-com clichés – broken hearts, friendships, new romance, handsome princes who turn out to be not such a catch, sexy bosses, fun in the sun, alcohol-related antics etc… all with a humerous twist. Kate Michaels has created a book that is easy reading, witty and fun! I would be keen to read more from this particular author and I very much hope that we will be hearing more from her in the future!

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About the Author

Kate Michaels was born in Birmingham. After studying English, drama and film, she moved to London where she currently lives with her boyfriend and two cats. As a journalist and copywriter she writes about everything from bars and theatre to luxury property. The Morning After Memoirs is Kate’s debut novel.

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