Book Review: Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge

Title: Game of Scones
Author: Samantha Tonge
Publication Date: 20 April 2015
Publisher: Carina
Rating: 4 out of 5
A story of icing and flour…and how love doesn’t always go to plan!
Growing up,Pippa Pattinson’s summers were spent in the idyllic Greek island fishing village of Taxos. There she spent many long hazy days determinedly ignoring thoughts of her life her parents had mapped out for her (a dreary-but-secure accounting job and obligatory sensible husband!) Instead she daydreamed of running her own tea shop – serving the perfect scones – with mocha-eyed childhood friend Niklaus by her side.

Arriving back in Taxos for the first time in years, with suave boyfriend Henrik, Pippa barely recognises the tired little town – but is relieved to catch glimpses of the quaint, charming village she’s always loved. Together Niklaus and Pippa put together a proposal to save Taxos from tourist-tastic ruin, and at the heart of their plan is Pippa’s dream project: The Tastiest Little Tea Shop in Taxos. It’s time for Pippa to leave her London life behind and dust off her scone recipe that’s guaranteed to win over both locals and visitors. And amidst the rolling pins and raisins, it seems romance is blossoming where she’s least expecting it…
Thank you to Carina UK and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Game of Scones in return for an honest review.
The book tells the tale of Pippa Pattinson. She used to spend her childhood summers in Taxos and was virtually one of the locals, however as she grew up life got in the way and she hasn’t been back for many years. We meet her as she is preparing to take her first trip back to Taxos after a lengthy absence. On her arrival, she realises that times have been hard on the village and it’s inhabitants. She barely recognises what the island has become and she is determined to help the villagers of Taxos to maintain the authentic Greek village feel that they are coming so close to losing. Maybe her famous scone-baking skills can help the village to survive! In the midst of this drama, Pippa is re-united with old friends, particularly the hunky Niko and his wonderfully welcoming family. Seeing Niko again raises doubts in Pippa’s mind about her own boyfriend, Henrik, who she suspects is getting ready to propose. Does she want to return to her busy life in England or is she tempted by the relaxed village life on Taxos?
The first thing to mention about this book is the fabulous setting in the Greek village of Taxos. Having spent several holidays in Greece, I was immediately lost in the images of sun, sea, sand, fishing boats, quaint houses etc… Whilst reading Game of Scones, I longed to be on holiday again!
Secondly, the author has created some fantastic characters. Niko’s grandmother was my absolute favourite character in the book, frail but strong hearted and with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Pippa is a great leading lady and Niko is perfectly cast as the hunky Greek fisherman. All the supporting characters were believable and likeable even, ultimately, the ‘bay guys’!
Game of Scones is well written, humerous and ‘delicious’ read. It’s light-hearted, feel-good and fun.
This book contains all the essentials of a great summer read: sunshine, sand, a fantastic location, great characters and some romance. If you’re looking for a fantastic feel-good holiday read, Game of Scones would be a perfect choice.
I should, however, point out that there is a lot of scone baking in the book and the recipes sound incredibly yummy! I found myself craving freshly baked goods whilst reading this book. Keep some snack to hand and, be warned, you’ll end up with a huge list of different flavoured scones to try baking by the end of the book!
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About the Author
Samantha lives in Cheshire with her lovely family and two cats who think they are dogs. Along with writing, her days are spent cycling, willing cakes to rise and avoiding housework. A love of fiction developed as a child, when she was known for reading Enid Blyton books in the bath. A desire to write bubbled away in the background whilst she purused other careers, including a fun stint working in Disneyland Paris. Formally trained as a linguist, Samantha now likes nothing more than holding herself up in the spare room, in front of the keyboard. Writing romantic comedy novels is her passion.
Samantha has sold over 80 short stories to mainstream women’s magazines. Her debut romantic comedy novel from Carina UK Harlequin, bestselling ‘Doubting Abbey’, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction best Ebook award, 2014. Her most recent novel is romantic Game of Scones, a delicious summary, fun beach read. Look out for her festive 2015 novel, My Big Fat Christmas Wedding, up for preorder now!

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