Food & Drink: Lavender White Tea from Forleaves Tea Co.

Good evening all!

I’m a huge tea drinker, particularly green and white teas. Green tea has become more popular in recent years, making it easier to find in supermarkets and tea shops, however, there remains a limited choice of white teas. I’m also a huge fan of leaf tea, preferring that to ready-made team bags. As such, I’m excited to introduce you to my new discovery – Forleaves Tea Co. 
I got into a discussion with Drew from Forleaves Tea Co after seeing their intriguing new blend, Lavender White Tea, on Twitter. Drew informed me that the blend was not yet on sale but kindly offered to send me a sample. 
The sample arrived by post yesterday and was a very generous size! The packaging itself is lovely, simple but chic. 

The leaf tea looks attractive with the pretty lavender flowers adding some colour to the leaves.

I left the tea to brew for approximately 3 minutes, as I prefer my tea on the milder side.
I’m pleased to report that the Lavender White Tea blend is absolutely delicious! The white tea tastes of good quality and the lavender flavour is mild but has a wonderfully fragrant scent. 
I’ll definitely be putting in an order to Forleaves Tea Co (orders can be placed online) and I’m eager to try some of their other options, particularly the White Monkey Green Tea! 

I have just been advised by Forleaves that they are planning to start a tea club in August, which may well be of interest.

If you love tea as much as me, why don’t you take a look at Forleaves easy to navigate website. I also think these pretty packages would make great presents for friends and family!  

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