Book Review: Overkill by Amy Saunders

Overkill by Amy Saunders

Title: Overkill
Author: Amy Saunders

Twitter: @amy_saunders


Summer in Portside: The beach! The gelato! The murder…

Belinda’s peace from scandal and her grandmother is short-lived when a painting – and then a body – wash up on her favorite beach. As she and Bennett team with Det. Jonas Parker to figure out how the two connect, a possible art forgery comes to light – and another victim.

Belinda continues to grow into her new role as a part-time amateur detective, swimming through suspects and broken connections, while Bennett starts to rebuild his life, and Jonas breaks free from work to pursue a potential new romance.

With the heat of summer upon them, the future is more unpredictable than ever.

Other Books in This Series:
Cliffhanger (Book One)
Auf’d (Book Two)
Drive-Bye (Book Three)
Unexpected (A Belinda & Bennett Short Story)


I must first thank Samantha from Chick Lit Plus and Amy Saunders for allowing me to review Overkill and to join them on this blog blitz tour.
This is the fourth book in the ‘Belinda and Bennett’ series. The story focuses on Belinda and Bennett’s attempts to solve the murder of a student, with sub-plots revolving around the love lives of the various characters. The story itself was an easy read and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not guess the identity of the killer until the very end of the story.
The characters are fun and likeable, my favourite being the cop, Jonas. I will be reading the next book in the series in order to follow the drama that is his love life! The romance between Belinda and Bennett is a little bit too “cutesy” for my liking, however this is probably just reflective of how unromantic/practical I am by nature and there is some humour in her attempting to find a pet name for Bennett. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters and am interested to see how Belinda’s friendship with Colleen progresses in future books.

I should also mention that I really liked the artwork for the book cover. I feel that it is well-matched to the overall feel of the story. 

If you’re looking for a lighthearted, easy-to-read, ‘cozy’ mystery, then you might want to give Overkill a try.
A quick note to the reader – Whilst this is a stand-alone mystery, if you have not read any of the earlier books in the Belinda and Bennett series, you may want to do so as there are a number of references to the earlier books which will make more sense if you have an understanding of their earlier adventures

The book is released in electronic format and is currently priced at £2.98 on Amazon UK.

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