Smith & Sinclair Cocktail Confectionery

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These Cocktail Confectioneries are a range of adult sweets from Smith and Sinclair made by hand using alcohol, fruit and spices. The website states that “to ensure that each pastille is infused with the deep complexity of flavours to be found in a cocktail, our unique cooking process ensures only minimal alcohol is burnt off“. 

The consistency is softer than a fruit pastille, more like a Yorks Fruits. 

We tried the rum and whiskey flavours sold to us in boxes of 2 for £3 per box or £5 for 2 boxes.

From review of Smith and Sinclair’s website, I believe the flavours we tried were:

  • Spiced Rum (Dark rum & Warming spices)
  • Whisky Sour (A classic with a Grapefruit twist) 
Other available flavours are:
Mixed Berry Daiquiri (Summer Berries, Dark Rum and a Pink Peppercorn infused coating)
Spring Clean (Gin, Elderflower, Thyme)
Gin & Tonic (Violet infused gin in a Lemon Sherbet coating)
Cake Icing (Whisky & Amaretto)
To be completely honest, we expected these sweets to taste awful, and I was happily surprised to find that they actually taste pretty good. I just wish they had the other flavours available to try. 

I think these are a fun and original idea and I’ll definitely be willing to try the other flavours if I find them on sale again. 

Ginger Cat x

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