Book Review: Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig

Good evening my lovelies, 
I have just finished reading my first Christie Craig novel – Weddings Can Be Murder – and I really rather enjoyed it.  At the time of writing this post, it is at number 4 on the free Kindle Bestseller list. I always love a free book!
The story was a combination of suspense, romance and humour rolled into one, although I think the romance angle was the predominant theme to this book. 
Starting with the negatives, I found certain aspects of the characters to be slightly  unbelievable and the story line seemed a little bit weak in places. It had a lot of promise, but felt slightly rushed and the ending was predictable, although I would expect that from a romantic novel. I think that I would have preferred some further development of the ‘villain’.
Moving onto the positives, the characters were fun, there was some good use of humour in the story and the book had clearly been proof read and edited (one of my main gripes about some of the free Kindle books is that they are too often full of poor grammar and spelling mistakes). The story line kept me guessing throughout without the usual dip in action in the middle that I find in a few too many books. 
Overall, I found the book to be an easy and enjoyable read. Great for a freebie and I’d be tempted to try another book from this author. 
Ginger Cat x

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