Book Review: Death Comes to Town by K.J. Emrick (Kindle edition)

Good evening all,

I’ve just finished reading ‘Death Comes to Town’ by K.J. Emrick (Kindle edition) which I found for free on  This story is the first in a series of mystery stories involving Darcy Sweet.

Sweet is a small town bookshop owner with an ability to communicate with spirits/the other side. This trouble begins when Sweet’s friend is murdered.

This is advertised as a cosy mystery and that is precisely what it is.

I liked the quirkiness of the characters, although there was very little character development which made it difficult to relate to them.  The story itself was relatively enjoyable, however the story lacked a certain element of realism. The police detective allows a civilian to investigate the case with him, have access to the evidence and to question the killer without any good reason for that civilian to become involved and when that civilian should actually be on the suspect list. Furthermore, the policeman seems more than willing to arrest people without any good reason to do so.

Accept the book for the cosy, easy read that it is intended to be and you’ll hopefully find it fairly enjoyable. If you expect too much out of it, you will be disappointed.

Ginger Cat x

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